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 Client Testimonials

Below are clients’ testimonials on their experiences in buying a property and after-sales service provided to them. A superior sales customer service in the pre-sale / post-sale process is very important in providing the needs of clients. Updates about properties and maintaining good relationships with the clients are our top priorities.

Uptown parksuites Mr. V. Pallone Testimonial

I met Gary three years ago he was knowledgeable and courteous and his sales technique I felt was exceptional he didn’t push he explained but most of all he listens and six months later I purchased another unit due to his excellence in all phases of the transaction over the course of the last three years Gary has followed up he has updatedThe units and when there was a minor situation he made sure he took care of Gary always got back to me within a 12 hour. Most of the time is immediately I have never had better service Gary deserves to be to move up in the corporation he is an asset to the company

Uptown Parksuites 1 bedroom and 1 Bedroom suite unit owner

Mr. V. Pallone

Uptown Parksuites Mr. Douglas Kramer Testimonial

Post sales service is very important for me. And Gary has proven to be reliable even after our purchase has been closed. He’s very knowledgeable on the projects he’s presenting. He gives pros and cons and can clearly convey the important information. He’s a very hands on person in his job and I won’t hesitate to contact him again for future purchases

Uptown Parksuites unit owner

Mr. Douglas Kramer

Park Mckinley West Ms. C. Cinco Testimonial


C Cinco testimonial

Gary’s service has been nothing but excellent! He responds quickly, goes above and beyond and truly shows that he cares about your real estate needs. Most of all, Gary is passionate about his work- an attribute a real estate investor looks for. Gary has certainly exceeded my expectations.

Park Mckinley West unit owner

Ms. C. Cinco

Park Mckinley West Mr. B. Cinco Testimonial

Gary is an awesome agent. He was referred to us by my sister cause she had a great experience dealing with him. We spoke with him over the phone and spent hours answering our questions, providing objective data about investment properties and tons of information about the area.He always answers his phone and reply to all inquiries swiftly, no matter what time of day. This is really helpful since we are on opposite time zones. Gary made the process incredibly easy.

He was so accommodating and showed us around the area when we were in the Philippines last year.

He has a really good understanding of the local market and we’d definitely use him again the next time we decide to invest in more properties.

Park Mckinley West unit owner

Mr. B. Cinco

The Florence Residences Mr and Mrs. Frohriep Testimonial

The Florence Residences Experience

My husband Tim and I were on vacation in Manila and did not have any plans to purchase any property. However, upon meeting Gary Lee by chance we were encouraged and inspired to own one. Our experience with Gary has been nothing but a pleasure. Gary’s service is impeccable. The purchase of our investment property has been a smooth transition from start to finish. It was a bit difficult for us in the beginning because we live overseas but Gary assisted us all the way especially through the times when things were not easy. He took all the hassle and stress of research,inspecting, dealing with property developer, banks and everything in between off our shoulders and turned it into a seamless operation with a great outcome.Gary’s commendable work ethics, his trustworthiness and sunny personality are some of the things we love about him. His efforts and willingness to assist anyone is just admirable. We definitely recommend Gary Lee’s services highly to all friends, family and anyone looking to purchase an investment property or any property for that matter.

Mr. and Mrs. Frohriep

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